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  Beaverton, Oregon

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How do you defend your focus time?

Earlier I wrote about the importance of making room for focus time—an interval without distractions where you allow yourself to get into “the flow”...
2 min read

Focus is your most precious resource.

Most of us live in a world filled with sources of distraction. We divide our attention between devices and screens, each repeatedly delivering interactions...
3 min read

Tali turns 1! 🎉

This week marks one of the most interesting and customer-focused legal technology conferences of the year, the Clio Cloud Conference, and it’s also the...
2 min read

Do more of what you love: hiring software and services to run your small business

As my co-founder Matt Volm said last week, early businesses have a lot in common. Whether you are a solo freelancer, a new law...
3 min read

Doing the Right Thing with Digital Marketing

It was bound to happen. A few weeks ago, we reflected on Facebook’s privacy woes and wrote about the “privacy understanding gap” and our...
2 min read

The privacy understanding gap

What do companies and users need to understand in a post-Facebook era? Facebook has been in the news recently for missteps on data and...
3 min read

Alexa for a day: What we learned as a voice assistant

“Okay, I’m starting the Krasinski case.” “Wait, how do you spell that?” I’m in Lindsey’s office, rapidly scribbling in a notebook. I’ve volunteered to...
1 min read

What’s New with Tali, February 2018

Since launching Tali in November, we have been hard at work making Tali better for you, so every annoyance of time tracking disappears. Here’s...
56 sec read

A Tour of Tali

Join us on a tour of the initial Tali release. We'll show you how the three parts of Tali combine to make the chore...
2 min read