How to put voice assistants to work… at work.

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Maybe you use Amazon Echo all the time at home, or maybe you’re new to voice assistants (in that case, take a peek at our post on choosing the best voice assistant). Regardless, you’ve probably asked yourself: can I use voice technology at the office to get my job done? YES! And here’s how.

Email and calendar management

If you’re a PC user with Windows 10 or greater, then you have a built-in virtual assistant: Microsoft Cortana. By connecting Cortana to Outlook 365, you can access your email and calendar with your voice. Just ask Cortana about your recent emails and she’ll read you the messages at the top of your inbox. You can even have Cortana send a quick reply—all with your voice.

Cortana is also skilled with calendars. She can read your calendar entries and book meetings for you. Another great option is to manage your calendar with Amazon Alexa.

Just think—now you can walk through your office door and ask your voice assistant “what’s on my calendar today?” as you get settled in, without ever having to open your calendar.

Manage your to-do list

Managing your to-do list by voice is another key time-saver because it eliminates hassle and gives you hands-free access to your list. With Alexa, you can use the built-in task list manager or you can sync with many of the popular to-do list apps, such as, Todoist, or AnyList. Just say “Alexa, add ‘go to the post office’ to my to-do list” or “Alexa, what’s on my to-do list?”

Timekeeping and time management

For lawyers, consultants, and others in professional services, time is literally money. But keeping track of that time can be challenging. If you’re an attorney, you may be working on multiple matters during the day, switching frequently and getting interrupted often. Separating yourself from the work at hand to fill out a time-entry form, jot down a quick note, or click to start a timer, interrupts your flow and impacts your productivity.

Voice-driven timekeeping solutions like Tali eliminate this friction and make capturing all of your billable time easy and seamless.

It’s as easy as saying “Alexa, tell Tali to log one hour to the Collins estate planning matter.” Tali takes this one step further and even eliminates the need for manual time entry by integrating with several leading legal practice management solutions including Clio, Rocket Matter and PracticePanther. Imagine a world where you never have to fill out another time-entry form again? That world exists with Tali!

When it comes to time management, the built-in timer functionality of Amazon Alexa and other voice assistants is also handy. For example, you could use the Pomodoro technique and set frequent timers throughout the day to ensure you’re taking enough time to focus on work yet also taking breaks to maximize productivity.

Blast some tunes (or your favorite podcast)

At Tali, we like to listen to music throughout the day at the office. Matt Hoiland, head of all things creative and technical at Tali, is typically the DJ and we use Siri, Apple Music and the Apple HomePod to keep the place groovin’. Along the same lines, Amazon Music is an option for Alexa users. If you are a Spotify or Pandora fan, both Alexa and Google Assistant play nicely with those services. And if podcasts and audiobooks are more your style, your voice assistant can help you there as well!

Apps just for you and your business

Last but not least, larger organizations and enterprises can create their own private voice apps using Amazon Alexa for Business or Microsoft Cortana. For example, WeWork is using Alexa to file help tickets for their community management team and Capital One to allow their teams to quickly check the status of their internal systems or to request specific updates on high-severity events.

So whether you’re a solo practitioner or a big law attorney, choose your voice assistant and put them to work!