More features, lower price

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Last week, we shared highlights from our first year at Tali. As a company on a mission to make time tracking faster and friendlier for every timekeeper out there, we continue to develop more ways to use Tali and make it even easier. This week, we’re excited to launch a new Tali dashboard and a reduced subscription price!

Easier time entry

You’re probably already using Alexa, Google Assistant or Microsoft Cortana to let Tali log all your activities with voice. Hopefully this is becoming even more effortless as you personalize your workflow by connecting Tali to you other tools you’re already using, like Clio, Rocket Matter and PracticePanther.

And now you have one more way to log time without interrupting your flow. When you’re at your dashboard, you can now log time directly. Take a quick tour of the new dashboard with Matt A-W, who leads all things product at Tali.

Team pricing

We love hearing your success stories with Tali, like a 30% uptick in the amount of billable time you’re capturing. Not to mention the additional time (and hair pulling?) saved by eliminating the manual time entry process—an average of 180 hours per year! This was a pretty incredible return on investment for only $30/month.

But we also learned that those of you using Tali in teams are much more likely to successfully adopt faster, friendlier time tracking into your practices. We want to help more teams be successful, so we’re lowering the subscription price. Starting right now, a monthly Tali subscription is only $12 per user, or less if you select an annual subscription.

We want more people to experience the joy of never having to fill out a time-entry form again. 🙌 We understand that timekeeping is one of the administrative tasks preventing lawyers from spending more time with clients. So when more lawyers adopt Tali, less “administrivia” takes place and more “lawyering” happens, which is a good thing for everyone.

Start saving money now

If you’re a current Tali subscriber, don’t worry about a thing—the new pricing will be reflected in your next renewal. Plus, you can drop us a line and we can get the rest of your team added to Tali.