Tali turns 1! 🎉

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This week marks one of the most interesting and customer-focused legal technology conferences of the year, the Clio Cloud Conference, and it’s also the unofficial anniversary of Tali. It’s been about a year since we arrived in New Orleans—bags filled with Amazon Echo devices—to show customers the first working version of Tali and the promise of faster, friendlier time tracking.

And in a year, we’ve come a long way! Last year we were thrilled to be mentioned by name by Clio CEO Jack Newton from the main stage. This year, we’ll take the stage ourselves for a 3-minute lightning pitch in the Launch // Code contest. If you attend the Clio Cloud Conference, we’d love to have you cheer us on!

We’ve learned a lot in a year. Along with some of our early customers, we’ve learned how to craft a conversation that helps you get your time recorded in the moment—no time entry forms required—so you can stay focused in the flow of your work. We’ve developed more ways to use Tali, and made it even easier. Here are some highlights from a year of Tali.

More ways to use Tali

When we first started Tali, you needed an Alexa device to record time entries and the easiest way to invoice those time entries was through a direct sync to Clio. Since then, we’ve added Google Assistant as another way to talk to Tali, and you can even type to Google Assistant if you’re not in a good place to talk. Plus, both assistants let you talk to Tali on the go with their mobile apps, making Tali a timekeeping assistant that goes wherever you go.

This week, we are announcing two new ways to quickly enter time with Tali: Microsoft Cortana, which is built-in for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office, and with the new version of the Tali dashboard. That means if you are at your desk or on your phone, there’s always a way to easily tell Tali about what you are doing, by voice or with a couple clicks.

When you’re ready to send your time entries off for billing, we are there for you. This year we added Practice Panther and Rocket Matter as integration partners, and with our just-announced Zapier integration, you can automate sending your time entries to any place from Quickbooks to a simple sheet in Google Docs.

And for the first time, Tali is learning new languages! Stay tuned as we develop support for additional languages over the next few weeks.

Making Tali faster and friendlier

Over the past year, we’ve relentlessly improved interactions with Tali, from the first time she says hello, to the day-to-day habits and helpfulness. We’ve reduced the confusion of setup with an innovative personal “magic number” that you can use to tell Tali to connect your device to your dashboard. And Tali can give you a daily summary of your activity, so you can quickly check on how many activities or hours she’s helped you capture. And Tali has become more accurate, checking your voice input against the names and descriptions of your projects, clients, and matters, to reduce unexpected results and duplicate entries. All this will be tightly integrated with the new Tali dashboard, giving you a great deal of power while keeping things fun and friendly.

For those of you who have been here since day one, thank you and happy anniversary!

And for those who might be ready, now is the perfect time to try Tali and see how easy it is to capture more of what you do, so you can do more of what you love.