What’s New with Tali, February 2018

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Since launching Tali in November, we have been hard at work making Tali better for you, so every annoyance of time tracking disappears. Here’s a quick update on our progress, with some new features and improvements that make using Tali even easier. Just say it, see it, and send it!

Say it

We are continually improving Tali as we learn more about how folks are using Tali with Alexa:

  • Tali understands you in new locales: United Kingdom, India, Australia, and Canada
  • Tali is learning legalese

“Alexa, tell Tali to log 45 minutes to Williams for ‘drafting a motion of summary judgement.’”

  • Tali understands project names and numbers

“Alexa, tell Tali to start an activity for the Santiago matter.”

“Alexa, tell Tali to log 1.5 hours to matter number three oh four.”

  • Beyond “Open Tali,” Tali understands one-shot commands, like:

“Alexa, tell Tali to log an activity for…”

“Alexa, tell Tali to start an activity for…”

“Alexa, tell Tali I’m done.”

“Alexa, tell Tali to change the time.”

“Alexa, tell Tali to clear my activity.”

See it

We’ve introduced an all-new dashboard, with a couple neat new features!

  • Easily change the day or time of an activity by clicking on the duration
  • See daily summaries of your activities and hours
  • See more entries at a time with a new layout for activities

Send it


See anything missing? Let us know what’s on your wishlist.